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Player Workouts Spring 2020

C l u t c h   A t h l e t e s :

We would like everyone to start their individualized physical development workouts beginning the week of March 30th.  With the facility being closed, we are individualizing all workouts specific to the equipment you have access to at home.

Here is what we need from each athlete:
1.  What fitness equipment do you have access to at home?  (ie.  medicine balls, dumbbells, jump rope, mini-bands, stability balls, resistance bands, kettle bells, bosu ball, anything else??)

2.  Do you have access to a stationary bike, treadmill, elliptical, stair climber?

3.  Would you like your physical development program to consist of 2 days per week?  3 days per week?  or 4 days per week?

Please email or text Jason your responses by Sunday night, March 29th.


Starting Monday March 30th you will be able to login in to your own private webpage that will have a list of your physical development workouts as well as your shooting and ball handling drills.  If you have any questions there will be a link to a library page with videos or you can always contact Jason or Jeremy with any questions...Let's TAKE ADVANTAGE of this time to refresh and build great habits!  #IAM